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Welcome to Willka Travel

Dear Traveler,

We are very happy to know that you have the desire to experience a totally different, magical beautiful journey to a country rich in culture.

The Willka Travel is a Peruvian company founded in 2007. Our main office is located in the heart of Cusco. We specialize in unconventional local tourism and adventure.

The aim of our company is to give our customers a magical experience that shows the true cultural history and natural wonders of Peru.

At Willka Travel, our customers satisfaction is important to us and it is our aim to provide the experiences you are looking for.

We offer unique experiences in major cities like Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco, while giving an overview of the cities history, combined with outdoor excursions. Whether you are looking for experiences alone or with your family, we offer a range of activities for everyone, even for the more adventurous who are looking for adrenaline.

We offer a variety of activities and excursions for all, including people with disabilities. We support projects benefitting the Andean Community, maximizing visitors positive effects locally. True sustainability in all business and operations is our goal. Our mission is to help preserve the natural and cultural values of each region. Our trips in the jungle, for example, are following minimal impact guidelines. Our team is dedicated to conservation awareness, emphasizes protection and rehabilitation of the environment.

Now that you know a little bit about Willka Travel, we hope you will make the right choice to have one of the best, most amazing experiences of your life during your time with us.

We wish you a great day and a great trip!

Team Willka Travel